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These activities offer a suggestive range of possibilities thanks to the diversity of landscapes in our municipal area, being able to be done on foot, by bicycle and even on horseback, routes that have been designed and marked. Although there is a great variety of itineraries to follow, we offer a set of routes that somehow bring together the rich landscape of the term.

The "Valverde Verde 2010" Employment Workshop has developed a total of 12 hiking trails that run through a large part of the Valverde del Camino Municipal District, where there are 4 places or protection figures:

The set of routes designed allows to know the 4 places or existing protection figures, in addition to many other places of heritage, cultural or environmental interest; highlighting and making known the uniqueness and beauty of the environment where it circulates, its history and environmental importance.

It is worth highlighting the great diversity of landscapes that Valverde del Camino has, with pasture ecosystems, pine forests, eucalyptus forests, riverside and Mediterranean mountains, among others, which is a great difference between one route and another, giving added value and motivation to the time to do all the proposed routes.

Hiking allows you to get to know a multitude of natural environments, get in touch with nature and play sports at the same time. In addition, many of the routes are suitable, in addition to walking, cycling or horse riding.

Warning: the routes must be consulted as important changes may have occurred since the publication of these guides.


* NOTE to ROUTE 4: alternative for Casa de los Melos and the pinche path until it connects with the Manzanito lane.

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